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The giant kidney bean-shaped bag eliminates the need to package a relatively large passenger airbag in the instrument panel, and can reduce the cost of that piece by eliminating the need for an engineered door that opens with the airbag deployment.
Regaining the plant's balance means that the mix of products moving through the plant narrows as outliers are removed; this in turn enables workers to better understand the remaining parts, work more efficiently on them, eliminate mistakes and otherwise enhance productivity.
The development and introduction of SAI technology, and Poncho 250 and 1250, specifically, allowed growers to eliminate all additional time required to protect against the targeted insect pests and required no additional costs for the equipment or for the storage and application of a separate product at planting time.
However, another phenomenon makes it more difficult to eliminate calcium oxalate scale by simply lowering the target pH in the bleach stage.
The agreements do not give workers an option to elect their system of choice; rather, they only provide an exemption from one country's system to eliminate dual coverage.
It is impossible to eliminate all toxins in our environment.
VeriPHY helps eliminate needless and expensive equipment replacements and field returns by integrating the power and simplicity of a sophisticated hand-held cable tester in the PHY -- at no cost to the systems designer.
Some would surely contend that MP3 technology is so widespread and well entrenched that any move to eliminate it is doomed to fail.
The American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted a policy urging hospital administrators to eliminate mercury-containing devices such as blood pressure monitors from their facilities.
Moreover, a "Quick Fix" option is proposed that will obviate the need to set up a full program if the facility can eliminate musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards in a problem job quickly and completely.
Though HUD has moved aggressively to eliminate thousands of unqualified appraisers and dozens of lenders from FHA housing programs, the simple fact is that many of these same lenders and appraisers are in the conventional mortgage often charging exorbitant fees, imposing onerous terms and saddling families with debts they'll never be able to retire.
This occurs because the weight is heavy enough and the form required strict enough to eliminate momentum while raising the weight.