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Another approach under consideration would permit plan amendments that eliminate optional forms of benefits available to no more that a "small portion" of participants' benefits.
In other areas, the Board has worked within the limits of its governing statutes to expand the list of permissible nonbanking activities for banking organizations, to remove unnecessary, outdated restrictions on the conduct of these activities, and to eliminate restrictions that prevented banking organizations from providing discounts to their customers on packages of products.
The process allows us to eliminate many facets of fabricated designs that can be detrimental to the long-term success of the part.
The court held that an FTC carried back to an earlier year eliminates a tax underpayment for the earlier year and also eliminates interest on that underpayment.
This policy espoused by the TAM is indefensible because, without justification, it will materially increase the after- tax costs of any remediation effort that eliminates a source of environmental contamination.
Because you can completely eliminate the paint facility,' says White, "you can radically alter the plant Footprint, and eliminate a number oF processes.
Lost foam casting allowed designers to eliminate internal draft and incorporate intricate as-cast internal passageways for the water to pass through in operation.
However, recent use of this hedging technique by members of the Lauder family, and the critical press reaction that followed, motivated the Treasury Department and the Clinton administration to request legislation that would eliminate the income tax benefits associated with short sales against the box.
Kenneth Berger claims that the spiral hopper completely eliminates the need for vibrators to prevent bridging even of hard-to-feed materials.