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Getting rid of non-compatible work and eliminating quality "black holes" will have a synergistic impact in the metalcasting facility.
We believe that the provisions in the bill eliminating the application process for acquisitions by well-managed and well-capitalized banking organizations need to be extended to routine proposals involving nonbanking activities (such as mortgage banking or securities brokerage) that the Board has already determined to be permissible.
Helping to facilitate credit-related and regulatory decisions by eliminating the accounting term "fair value" and utilizing valuation definitions which more accurately reflect value in depressed real estate markets
Eliminating a series: If a Delaware LLC with two series is treated as two partnerships for Federal tax purposes, changing to a single tax partnership by eliminating the series would likely be a partnership merger under Sec.
The casting design incorporated hydraulic plumbing holes, eliminating numerous drilled and pin-plugged holes.
PPG's Dennis Taljan, however, suggests eliminating the primer/surfacer layer may cause problems unrelated to the paint to arise.
CFC trial balance data (Schedule C--Income Statement, Schedule F--Balance Sheet, Schedule H--Current Earnings and Profits) reporting should be accomplished by using standard reports generated from standard tax preparation software program, thus eliminating the need to separately complete these schedules.
The House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony on eliminating the so-called marriage penalty.
Here is one approach to computerized calculation of shrinkage, warpage, and stress that will allow an engineer to vary part design and processing conditions until uniform local shrinkage is achieved, thus eliminating warpage and residual stress.