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Continuing Performance Requirements use eliminations obtained through accumulated refusals, falls and three refusals at one fence.
Whereas a single elimination can still see any team go home at any time, regardless of scores, a double makes it more likely that a team that may have been cushioned by another's dismissal due to low judge's scores or low viewer votes will also have to end their time on the show.
NU took the third seed with a 5-2 record after the eliminations while UP took the last Final Four spot after taking down Ateneo in the playoff.
Without doubt, in the case of such races as the novices' and Triumph hurdles, elimination by rating is right and proper, but I would seriously question if it is inappropriate for the pinnacle of hunter racing.
As a starting point we consider a transformation of G = (V, E) using a sequence [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of constant edge eliminations, (3) that is, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
43 allows the company to "accomplish, in its books of account, substantially what might be accomplished in a reorganization by legal proceedings--that is, elimination of a deficit in retained earnings and establishment of a new basis of accounting for its assets and liabilities." The new basis results from adjusting assets and liabilities to their current fair value.
This is the fourth straight year that the defending champions have swept the elimination round, as the Lady Bulldogs have been undefeated since 2014.
Following consultation with trainers, the BHB has amended the procedures for the elimination and balloting of horses in banded stakes so that, where eliminations are necessary, horses who have finished first, second or third now have a measure of protection.
Valdez emerged the top spiker in the eliminations but BaliPure was the No.
The remaining teams faced double elimination after performing solo routines and participating in a dance off.
Far Eastern University experienced a couple of big uncertainties in its two games against Ateneo in the elimination stages of the UAAP Season 79 women's volleyball tournament.
Cherry Rondina, in the Golden Tigresses' most important game of the eliminations, went out and showed to those in attendance and the spectators watching at home how the Cherry Bomb detonates.