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187) Using Richmond, Virginia as a case study, Hoffman maintains that the authority of urban commercial-civic elites was far from total, and people of color and workers were far from powerless in shaping city growth.
As is well known, we look for someone in the elite group known as the medical profession, and, in certain cases, we may even seek out the top of the profession, the creme la creme of the medical establishment.
Ragusa's closed system of marriage and politics exaggerated this as the pool of suitable elite men was smaller than in other Mediterranean communities.
Making a case for stasis over change does not slight attempts to give meaning to social practice, but rather places new emphasis on one particular moment of social construction: the point at which members of Maryland's nascent elite (and, by extension, elites in each of the colonies with the exception of fractious New York) ceased to compete actively for authority and cemented their status through reproduction.
7) Political change entails an elite committed to modernization.
The question is raised almost as acutely by Molho's new book on the marriages of this elite.
Cuzco is also located in the most heavily Indian portion of the country; the local elites have had to justify their place within the national hierarchy in competition with other regional elites while taking into account an indigenous heritage that people of coastal Peru despised.
Leading the Race: The Transformation of the Black Elite in the Nation's Capital 1880-1920.