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Attending my first NCHC conference in 1988, I had a keen desire to learn how other honors directors dealt with the elitism charge.
Amassing an enormous amount of testimony, if not evidence, Allen examines a long list of Opus Dei's alleged offenses, including its social elitism, secrecy, nefarious influence in the Vatican, conservative secular politics, manipulative methods of indoctrination, gruesome physical mortifications, pursuit of wealth, and sexist treatment of women.
Ergo, attrition is inherently unfair and an intolerable form of elitism.
Buddhists of color who are challenging elitism and white privilege in their sanghas have encountered a familiar struggle to name racism and identify its effects in an environment where such dynamics can often be masked.
His work is, he says, neither architecture or design, choosing instead to present his philosophy as part of a mission to kill the dark side of design: elitism.
Privacy--as the rich and famous know--is the ultimate luxury, the last bastion of elitism in the increasingly democratized and overpopulated world of travel.
He touches, for example, on youth, attitudes towards death, elitism and social stratification, and the place of women in society, all areas he has written on elsewhere.
Higher education shed the German tradition of elitism and became egalitarian.
Today, Wellstone's concerns about the dangers of elitism are, if anything, more relevant than they we re when the first George Bush was president.
If they want to limit the numbers of horses that work, then I can understand occasionally cutting back, but this smacks of elitism and snobbery - and I assure you I have nothing against Jonjo.
We're trying to get elitism out of ballet," Nunn says.
But in the struggle to achieve greater diversity, program organizers have had to guard against the perception of intellectual elitism.