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However, it is evident that this elitism is beginning to change and even perhaps subside as more and more young people who identify themselves as working class are gaining access to higher education through hard work and determination, which pays off in exams.
Chief among the reasons for opposition to expanding honors education were the elitism allegation and a corresponding assertion that honors had no place in a land-grant institution such as ours.
That is elitism in the sense of exclusivity, exclusion, and in the creation of a profession which is barely accessible to equally talented people from less privileged backgrounds.
Given our human condition and its proneness to certitude, righteousness, control, elitism, and all the other unwelcome "isms," they will find their way to accompany this pilgrimage.
That populism and elitism are not mutually exclusive was demonstrated in an exemplary manner by Fortuyn, who was not only openly gay but also insanely posh, a member of the privileged class.
Focusing on elitism in a democratic society, this text challenges undergraduates to rethink everything they have been taught about American democracy.
But then, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little elitism, or even with looking down on certain forms of mindless traditionalism.
From the beginning, Escriva targeted top students at universities, and Opus Dei (which means "the work of God") soon acquired a reputation for elitism.
Elitism is the cardinal sin because it is the supreme affront to egalitarian orthodoxy.
Some of his prospective ideas may be controversial, such as completely eliminating competitive sports and their accompanying elitism or big-company exploitation from schools, and adopting a twelve-month school year as well as a federal-only educational funding plan.
Buddhists of color who are challenging elitism and white privilege in their sanghas have encountered a familiar struggle to name racism and identify its effects in an environment where such dynamics can often be masked.
His work is, he says, neither architecture or design, choosing instead to present his philosophy as part of a mission to kill the dark side of design: elitism.