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Research proves that happy people live longer, but the elixir of life doesn't come in a jar; what makes you truly happy is often intangible.
In modern times, in a unique and a fruitful marriage, the two giant organisations--a multinational and a UN agency--have come together to provide the elixir of life to those who have been deprived of it.
Alchemy, a 17th-century discipline that sought to change metals into gold and discover an elixir of life, among other things, was often called "chymistry" in its time.
Many would think that cigar smoke is injurious to health; but only God knows, to me it was an elixir of life.
Fehied Bin Fahad Al Shareef said that accelerated increase in population all over the world has re- duced natural resources of potable water and has created widening gap between requirement and available elixir of life.
They range from etchings to aquatints and screen prints, and the varied subject matter caters for all tastes Zombies is the lively theme for Helen Aldous's screen prints, which bear the messages At Dead of Night they Rise from their Slumber to Walk the Earth, and Destined to remain a Zombie for all eternity until He discovered the Elixir of Life.
Maybe some new body parts or some civility or the elixir of life or leg warmers.
One of the most fascinating things about tea is its ability to be talked about with reverence by well-known people as it were the very elixir of life.
But for three days each year the counter adds in a special ingredient - its pounds 1,500 elixir of life, The Essence.
Often described as an elixir of life, liquorice has been used for centuries for its nutritive and rejuvenating properties and it is, still today, one of the most universally consumed herbs.
He concentrates on two enduring themes, the transmutation of elements and the search for an elixir of life that will cure all illness and reverse aging.
It seems a wind instrument is the elixir of life - or at least of a firm facial muscle.