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A randomized cross-over study design was used in order to establish how a familiarization session affects 30-s allout test performed on an elliptical trainer compared to a cycle ergometer by using repeated-measures, and 30-s tests were carried out with one day intervals between elliptical trainer and cycle ergometer trials.
In the future, NGC 5010 will become an elliptical galaxy, with no defined features and are spherical in shape.
com), an exciting series of virtual indoor cycle and elliptical training videos, provides just such an environment for two of the best types of cardio workouts available - indoor cycling and elliptical exercise.
To assess the change in fatigue and QOL as a result of elliptical training, we subtracted the pretraining score from the posttraining score for each questionnaire.
The casual cardio crowd, however, is chugging its way to fitness on the elliptical, perhaps for its ability to ensure the next day's pain-free workout.
Students at the two schools are releasing pent-up pre-Civil War tensions by competing to see which can produce the most student-driven power using elliptical cross-training exercise machines.
0] is in terms of the ratio [omega]/p and p is given, result that must be determinate the angular speed [omega] of elliptical wheels for which on obtain the calibration imposed of the agro technical requirements for the seed potato tubercles.
In the financial literature, Bingham and Kiesel (2002) propose a semi-parametric model for stock prices and asset returns based on elliptical distributions because as the authors observed, Gaussian or Normal models provide mathematical tractability but are inconsistent with empirical data.
Keywords: Elliptical jet, Coflow, Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Centerline Dilution, Centerline Concentration, Axis Switching, Aspect ratio.
Hubble Space Telescope images have shown that NGC 1316, an elliptical galaxy lying 80 million light-years from Earth, has swallowed spiral galaxies, smashing together gas clouds and generating new massive stars.
The Model E4 elliptical chamber is designed for rapid heating of small size continuous materials such as tube, cable and wire with an outer diameter less than 0.
The compact and adjustable machines come in colorful designs and include a stepper, an elliptical trainer, a recumbent bike and a magnetic upright.