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However, males do possess significantly more elliptically shaped tibiae, with significantly greater CSA, [I.
Bornstein writes--politely, elliptically, and poetically--against the literature generally known as "Whiteness Studies.
The Jampro JUED and JUCD elliptical/circular polarised broadband UHF panel antennas target broadband applications where either elliptically or circularly polarised propagation is required.
Speaking at the same occasion, Mohan Rao Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh elliptically supported Mr Modi, noting that everyone was aware of the name that was being spoken of, but that it was not his job to take the decision.
The two circularly polarized waves are then coupled at the boundaries and exit the media in one polarization configuration, typically as an elliptically polarized wave, based on the absorption loss or circular dichroism (CD) of the media.
For example, the antenna will adopt elliptically shaped and variably dimensioned radiation elements as well as a linearly tapered ground plane to obtain the wideband property.
Not sure where he stood, they sounded him out, subtly and elliptically.
Almost every recipe I've ever used has either barely mentioned seasoning or just elliptically added "season to taste" at the end of an instruction.
Though it is a deviation from Propp's map of the preparatory section, yet it does fit elliptically within the scheme.
Products include the Pauline mirror, which features white arabesque scroll work on a black background, the Discus design of the traditional sunburst design made of layered wood, the elliptically shaped Johnson mirror, the scalloped edged Scalloped item with hand-applied silver leaf finish, and, shown here, the Melanie mirror.
We journalists were not even allowed to use the word, having instead to refer elliptically to 'beverages' made of grape and so on.
For balanced single circuit lines exact analytical formulas can be obtained by representing elliptically polarized fields by double complex numbers [11] or complex vectors [12] whereas approximated formulas can be estimated by a multipole expansion of Biot-Savart's law [13].