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Seemingly, this was not a problem for Renaissance teachers who thought that semantic, syntactic, elocutionary or breathing reasons justified the existence of punctuation marks.
This invisible sphere supplied by Austin surrounding the speaker on every side seems cognate with the invisible sphere supplied by the dominant culture that, in its elocutionary fervor, attempted to encircle and control the potentially limitless freedoms afforded individual citizens who could elocute well.
The alternative to such bravado is for Emerson the elocutionary equivalent of self-dismemberment: "We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents" (260).
17) One of his contemporaries and associates was Jacopo Sannazaro (1458-1530), whose Rime, published posthumously in 1530, are more derivative and "orthodox" in their Petrarchan elocutionary strategies than his, and certainly less varied and extensive in their thematic motifs.
Probably largely out of modesty (unlike certain other twentieth-century composers), he shied away on almost every occasion from revealing any sort of memorable detail about his music: it was "his concern, independent of Mallarme's but parallel to it, to abolish the creator's elocutionary persona from the finished work" (p.
The text resumes, after the entry: "and nothing more," an elocutionary punctuation whose form and purpose echo the phrase "and that was all" (p.
In it, Channing defends himself against critics of elocutionary training who claim that it does not just vitiate an orator's effectiveness but clears the way for him to deceive his audience.
They are elocutionary acts, illocutionary act and prelocutionary act.
He differentiates Aristotle's conception of the rhetorical interchange between speaker and audience from the modern theory of the elocutionary speech act in which the power of the action is located in the linguistic function.
The tale was regularly adapted for juvenile moral, elocutionary, and literacy instruction.
The impact of Western elocutionary rhetoric on the East: The case of Japan.
Unfortunately, during Calvert's first week he had been suffering from incipient bronchitis, and the fact that he performed with such an illness was taken as a reasonable reason for not 'anything like [a] refined elocutionary effort, or those nice modulations of the voice which are absolutely necessary to the correct exposition of emotional feeling'.