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Biswas, just when Mohun Biswas was learning "Bingen on the Rhine" from Bell's Standard Elocutionist for the visit of the school inspector, he was taken out of school by Tara and told he was going to be made a Pandit (50).
A December 1895 article chronicling the life of the young poet reported that Dunbar had "gained considerable reputation as an elocutionist and lecturer" and had "spoken throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, and in some of the larger cities of Canada" ("Writes").
As Merritt Caldwell, a prominent elocutionist, suggested, the study and practice of elocution provides "a theoretical knowledge .
A great elocutionist, with impeccable civil rights credentials, he was perfect, except for one thing: he had opted to be a Republican.
Mary Beecher Perkins, sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe, wrote from London in July of 1857 that "it would have made a southerner gnash his teeth to see the attention" paid to African-American elocutionist Mary Webb by "dukes & duchesses & lords & ladies without number," including Lord Shaftsbury, Lord Clarendon, and Lord and Lady Hatherton.
Books published in ninet eenth-century America that show Austin's influence, and that Poe may have known, include Increase Cooke's The American Orator (1819), Russell's American Elocutionist (1844), Rufus Claggett's Elocution Made Easy (1845), Merritt Caldwell's A Practical Manual of Elocution (1845), and C.
The boy is made go to an elocutionist to rid himself of his lisp, but the twelve-year-old's preferred solution is to haul around a thesaurus (try saying that word with a lisp
The would-be elocutionist should seek out opportunities to practice speaking.
Slaithwaite Good Companions were entertained by Josephine Daker an elocutionist.
A COCKNEY flower girl is trained to pass as an upper-class lady by an arrogant elocutionist.
The whole episode raises interesting questions, not only about Sarah Siddons's activities in quasi-retirement, but also about the way in which the profession of elocutionist was taking shape.