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Unbagged cohorts were analyzed for a significant Spearman's rank correlation between percent parasitism and (1) the number of elongate hemlock scale reaching the susceptible second instar stage, (2) the percentage of mortality to elongate hemlock scales for reasons other than parasitism, and (3) the percentage of elongate hemlock scale that reached maturity.
Ovipositor elongate, sword-shaped, 5 x longer than pronotum.
As a full bulk bag empties, the bag tends to elongate and the overall length of the bag increases and causes slack in the bag.
A high-density object elongates less than a low-density object does.
After feeding, the body elongates and widens and the colour changes to a dull red.
The abrasive action of the eraser delineates wrinkles, swells the face, closes the eyes, erases cheekbones, or teeth, elongates the nose, or deforms ears as if these were victims of a ferocious, negative makeup job.
The device propels itself in a series of choreographed steps in which each balloon is alternatively inflated and deflated as the tube elongates and retracts.