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The major objective of the present study therefore is to explore the characterization and regularity of DNA methylation during internode elongation and development we investigated the spatial and temporal profiling of DNA methylation between non-elongating internode and elongating internode of maize also we isolated sequenced and verified some differentially methylated fragments in different stages.
Analysis of variance and F tests were used to compare the differences of methylation levels between non-elongating internode and elongating internode of maize from two repetitions using the SAS program GLM (SAS Institute 1999).
We used 40 pairs of primers to detect methylated cytosine in the non-elongating internode and elongating internode cells.
We used forty primer combinations to analyze the dynamic of methylated cytosines between non-elongating and elongating internode in two repetitions.
In summary 1673 ~ 1739 fragments were amplified in non-elongating and elongating internode cells of two repetitions (Table 3).
The elongating (July harvest) sward maturity in this study corresponded to the vegetative sward maturity described by Hopkins et al.
True digestibility of leaf blade, leaf sheath, and stem components of elongating and reproductive tillers within elongating and reproductive swards of six switchgrass populations from Ames, IA, and Mead, NE, harvested during 1993.
July harvest Elongating Location, across population Blade Sheath Stem --g [Kg.
In contrast to elongating swards, reproductive swards (August harvest) had significant TD differences for leaf blades, leaf sheaths, and stems of all populations (Table 3).