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Operating according globally-accepted standards for both staple and filament yarn parameters, the USTERA(r) TENSORAPID 5 is a universal strength and elongation tester, with a testing speed that is steplessly adjustable between 50 and 5000 mm/min.
Kekemeke who stated this in Akure, Ondo state capital, said the President has saved the party from the irredeemable crisis, saying tenure elongation was alien to the party and not contained in the party or national constitution.
Besides, the uplift calculation is mainly based on free elongation, which cannot accurately simulate the real structure and uplift process of thermal recovery wellbores.
Meanwhile, the term "greatest elongation" is itself ambiguous, as this might mean either the greatest difference in right ascension or the greatest angular separation.
Elongation of styloid process was described by Eagle for the first time as clinical symptoms and signs seen with structural changes in styloid ligament.
According to Barry Arkles, Gelest president and CTO, these silicananoparticle-reinforced materials approach 5000% elongation at break, which he describes as revolutionary.
Our results demonstrated that MSAP technique is a powerful technique to detect large-scale DNA methylation in the maize genome and that DNA methylation is involved in epigenetic regulation of maize internode elongation. Copyright 2014 Friends Science Publishers.
(2 and 5%) of polyester fiber with cotton, on properties of yarn like elongation, evenness, imperfections, hairiness and particularly on tensile strength.
Turning to current work, David Gray made some very good drawings of Mercury at the morning elongation of 2012 November-December, which were published in a Section Note in the 2013 April Journal.
MS medium supplemented with 1 mg/l BAP and 0.5 mg/l Picloram was proven to be the best for multiple shoot formation and elongation. In this medium the average number of induced shoots per explant was 4.35.
It is then left to run in-the-field for a pre-determined amount of time; the chains are then separated and re-measured to find the amount of elongation. Tsubaki advises replacement of a chain once elongation reaches 1.5%.