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The anionically polymerized polyisoprene has the highest elongation at break, the natural robber sample the lowest.
Both initial and aged elongations of CNSL compound were higher than both TP 95/DOP compounds (figure 9).
For same hardness compounds, the higher surface area blacks provided moderately stifler compounds (Ml00 and M200) with a slight improvement in elongation to break values.
In figure 2a, which compares the tensile strength and the tension set from a 100% elongation for a range of P-E polymers, both plastomers and P-E polymers have lower tension set than EPR and iPP.
Hoechst's McNally says the company has extended its Riteflex line with new grades that possess the high molecular weight necessary for advanced levels of elongation (over 300%), while retaining high melt flow.
The SBC at 4 phr and 1 and 2 phr levels of MPDM all gave somewhat higher losses of elongation after aging than the coagent-less control.
The larger the flaw, the more it reduces tensile strength and breaking elongation.
Two of the most common indicators of age resistance used in industry are retention of tensile strength and retention of elongation.
The only exception to this is the air-aged elongation change and these values are higher for the scorch resistant version, which could be attributable to the higher initial elongation as the final elongation values are all very similar.
Note should be made that the construction of coiled metallic springs allows for a high elongation while only imposing a small flexural strain on individual segments.
The mechanical probing Mechanical properties like modulus at different strains, tensile strength, tear strength and elongation at break are all functions of degree of crosslinking.
100-300% elongation range) and [eta] is a carbon black networking factor based on dynamic elastic modulus: