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ELOPEMENT. This term is used to denote the departure of a married woman from her husband, and dwelling with an adulterer.
     2. While the wife resides with her husband, and cohabits with him, however exceptionable her conduct may be, yet he is bound to provide her with necessaries, and to pay for them; but when she elopes, the husband is no longer liable for her alimony, and is not bound to pay debts of her contracting when the separation is notorious; and whoever gives her credit under these circumstances, does so at his peril. Chit. Contr. 49; 4 Esp. R. 42; 3 Pick. R. 289; 1 Str. R. 647, 706; 6 T. R. 603; 11 John. R. 281; 12 John. R. 293; Bull. N. P. 135; Stark. Ev. part 4, p. 699.

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He was accused of eloping with the girl before defiling her in a cave at an escarpment.
While the former ABC lead may have some big plans in mind for her wedding day, she admitted to Us she also wouldn't mind eloping with her former co-star.
I totally agreed with your response to the woman thinking of eloping to avoid having to invite her recovering alcoholic father to her wedding (Dear Coleen, June 14).
Some 500 women are killed each year in Pakistan at the hands of family members over perceived damage to "honor" that can involve eloping, fraternizing with men or any other infraction against conservative values that govern women's modesty.
After some days of her eloping, their family members enforced her to come back to home according to a decision of "Panjayat" and called that boy at home for meeting.
Not even a plastic barrier can stop two lovers from eloping.
A bench comprising justices J Chelameswar and A M Sapre,spoke to the family members of the Dalit family,two sisters of which were ordered to be raped by the Khap panchayat for a ' crime' their brother committed by eloping with a girl of a higher caste.