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24) For Crassus, the eloquens (the eloquent orator) is not just one who speaks effectively due to skill and experience alone, but he who embodies the orator doctus, that is, one that combines education--he basically meant Greek education--and rhetorical skills.
commersoni 17 0/16 Miniopterus inflatus 38 0/34 Nycteris hispida 1 0/1 Rhinolophus eloquens 222 20/206 (9.
Sir, daily shall ye [d]wall to have moe eloquens, And goo vesite the stacions by and by: To Nazareth and Bedlem goo with deligens, And by yowr own inspeccion yowr feyth to edify.
So, the title A Synod of Grammarians may well be a satirical paradox, like the phrase "theologus eloquens," which we shall meet further on.