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The acquisition is effective immediately, and Eloquent employees will continue working with the company in Vancouver.
Eloquent Praise Dance teaches members a variety of genres of dance using significant stories from the bible, gospel songs and real life situations, sharing the gospel through praise dancing and using it to inspire, motivate and empower children.
We saw all of the unique and innovative things Eloquent Online was doing with youth immersion and we knew we need them here to shake things up," said Cathy Killebrew from the North Carolina Credit Union League.
2 : clearly showing some feeling or meaning <an eloquent look>
Alexandria Library Automation Eloquent Systems, Inc.
The Eloquent President has been on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list and a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal cited the book as one of the five "ultimate books on public relations.
A few months later, in the January 2003 issue of Foreign Affairs, Ajami laid out an eloquent case for coercive democratization in the Middle East.
formerly a radio disc jockey, deputy superintendent of Boston's public school system, an educational consultant, and a frequent contributor to the "New York Review of Books"), An eloquent approach to the politics and historical significance of pop-culture, Boogaloo is an explorative documentation of the what a difference the Afro-American culture had in influencing the movement of America's transitional decades and from which trend to the next.
Highly recommended to the general reader and poetry lover for its clever indulgence into the English language, Blue Feast is an eloquent collection of poems from the intimate collection of Shawna Lemay, taking deep examination of motherhood, marriage, and the prosaic nature of everyday life.
He was "an eloquent man, well-versed in the scriptures," with powerful gifts for preaching and teaching.
Brenner's eloquent narrative) readers are treated to a revelation of the emotional experiences and bonding of expectant families as reflected in the faces of fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters to the new baby that will become a part of their lives when born.