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Eloquent Systems, provides KM Solutions to archives, libraries, museums and records managers.
For enquiries about the Eloquent Praise Dance Academy, contact Romanah through the official website: www.
Jason Dias, president of Eloquent Online, will bring the CUSO's multimedia and live music experience to the conference.
Prisca, teacher of the eloquent preacher Apollos and head of house churches in Corinth and Ephesus (Acts 18:1-3, 18-19, 24-28; 1 Cor.
Judging by the letters of ``Trumbo'' - on eloquent display at the Falcon - he had every reason to be.
Jerome (Against Rufinus 41) calls him "most eloquent trumpet of the Latins against the Arians," elsewhere (On Isaiah 60) likening him and St.
Drawing Acts includes an eloquent defense of connoisseurship but seeks "to extend the study of drawings beyond the limits of its conventional agenda" (3) by looking at the very act of drawing, the "fundamental pictorial act" (1).
As multilateralism and a greater respect for international law are an important step in the tight direction, General Clark is the most eloquent and experienced Democratic candidate on this issue.
President Rhodes is unfailingly thoughtful and eloquent.
Collaboration and knowledge management software provider Open Text Corp has completed the acquisition of Eloquent Inc, a sales effectiveness solutions supplier.
Eloquent says the agreement is the result of its effort to find alternatives to maximize stockholder value.
AHD notes that "These adjectives mean effectively conveying a feeling, idea or mood: an expressive gesture; an eloquent speech; a meaningful look; a significant smile.