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* Maiysha Kai, "Eloquent Rage: Brittney Cooper Knows the Beauty of the Angry Black Woman,'" in "The Glow Up" [column] in The Root, March 20, 2018;
23 August 2017 - Canada-based library knowledge management (KM) solutions provider Lucidea has acquired Canada-based applications developer Eloquent Systems to expand knowledge management solutions, the company said.
It will forever act as a counterweight to that other eloquent image of 24 years ago - Diana sitting alone on the same bench at the monument to love, to symbolise the collapse of her marriage.
To learn more about this workshop and the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops, please visit
She aims to set up an Eloquent Maths Tutoring Academy to run alongside the existing business.
At the start of roundtable discussion in Washington that she co-hosted with the Prime Minister on the global economic outlook for 2015, Ms Lagarde said on global recovery: "The UK is leading in a very eloquent and convincing way in the European Union."
Horns (Beethoven augmented them for the first-ever expressive reason in a symphony - Haydn and Mozart's examples of four horns were for technical expediency) were nobly magnificent, woodwinds were eloquent, and strings were deliciously responsive to Nelsons' often baton-less beat.
"The president is obviously a very eloquent, gifted speaker - he'll do just fine," Romney said.
Headteacher Lorraine McEvoy said: "The talk they gave was very eloquent and they got their story across in a very positive manner.
"Aside from the ridiculous hypocrisy that kept interrupting al-Assad's speech on March 30, 2011, he was indeed very eloquent (almost as eloquent as Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah).
Diffusion tensor (DT) tractography is a noninvasive magnetic resonance (MR) technique that can provide subcortical localization of motor pathways, whereas functional magnetic resonance (fMR) imaging has been proved to be useful in the localization of eloquent cerebral cortex.
Eloquent Online, a shadow CUSO of Chetco Federal Credit Union, uses live music performances to help credit unions connect with Generation Y.