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Judy had a unique ability to quietly and eloquently present ideas and sway positions to generate consensus.
The case for money being the root of all evil is eloquently put here by author Tim Parks as he delves into the history of this most famous of Florentine families' finances.
Stefan Behnisch, who had spoken eloquently on the specific topic of sustainability, professed himself bewildered because the quotidian reality is that, the big cities are becoming even bigger--especially in Asia.
The footsore audience was rewarded with bookends of her suffering women, eloquently forming Ailey's shapes in the perfect adagio time.
An excellent and practical read which is very highly recommended to young women, especially those with artistic aspirations, Journal Buddies: A Girl's Journal For Sharing And Celebrating Magnificence by Jill Schoenberg Girma is an eloquently written guide for assisting young women on their path to discovering the better half of their artistic abilities.
As in Christianity, and most eloquently stated by St.
These films are delivered with heart and eloquently state the case for ecologic balance and environmental justice without trivializing the subject with numbing special effects or things blowing up.
The first poem of Mercy, entitled "The Gift," eloquently renders the vision of a woman who sees "the sharp / wing of things blues and greens / radiating from the body of her sister.
With minimal means, the piece speaks eloquently about, among other things, the perceived inaccessibility of cultural greatness under postmodernism.
As the camera passes slowly over a naked male body (Rutten) lying perfectly still upon a deep black background, MacGillivray's voiceover speaks eloquently about the body, time, memory, identity and the imperative of narrative.
From a historical perspective, Ellen Libby Eastman in "Speaking of 'Figgers'" (The Certified Public Accountant, May 1929, page 139) eloquently wrote of the important relationship between accountants and truth: "There has never lived the perfect certified public accountant, possessing all of the much-to-be-desired qualities: trustworthiness, fearlessness, energy, steadfastness, a studious and inquiring turn of mind, ability to seek the truth and to judge fairly and without prejudice or personality.
In addition to the repertoire information, Lasserson speaks eloquently of the countless benefits students can achieve from collaborating.