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To drive progress in this research area it is proposed to: i) Elucidate the mechanisms by which p75NTR and other death receptors become activated by different ligands and elicit distinct, ligand-specific cellular responses; ii) Elucidate the mechanisms underlying the specificity and diversity of p75NTR signaling and decipher their underlying logic; iii) Elucidate the physiological significance of distinct p75NTR signaling pathways through genetic dissection in knock-in mice; iv) Harness this knowledge to identify and characterize novel p75NTR inhibitors.
But, after rigorous analysis of the pathologist's reports and witness evidence, Elucidate was able to show that the killer blow was anything but.
Question-and-answer segments elucidate the finer points of Kabbal's wisdom concerning the search for happiness and fulfillment, in this profound and uplifting spiritual self-help guide, written for readers of all faiths and backgrounds.
Can any of your readers elucidate this remarkable statement?
The seemingly limitless potential applications to problems relevant to human health and disease underscore the need to elucidate the basic principles of epigenetic regulation at a molecular level.
Four excellent chapters describe 6 secretion systems among bacterial pathogens and elucidate the specific mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens usurp intracellular mechanisms of the host cell.
Relationship Rights (and Wrongs) helps define and elucidate difficult emotional concepts and the building blocks of what is needed to point a relationship toward lifelong commitment.
Diagrams and sample code further elucidate this no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide highly recommended for anyone tapping into the streamlined power of Hibernate.
Three European, one American, and six Israeli researchers here cast their scholarly nets widely to elucidate aspects of the early modern period in Jewish history.
Regression correlations were developed to elucidate the relationships between beating time and mean fiber settling time and between beating time and the standard deviation of frequency distribution.
The cutting-edge material presented was fascinating and I was particularly interested with his work in the area of PET scanning, which is evolving as a modality that may elucidate the "gray zone" of athletic heart versus hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
have formed a collaborative drug discovery program to elucidate inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases, specifically the M10 family.