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Malkiel carefully untangles and scholarly disputes positions and the records of communal conflict to elucidate the complexity of the transition between tradition and modernity among Italian Jewish intellectuals.
To elucidate each experience, Stark creates a scenario involving persons who tend not to be naive about the dangers involved in risky sports but get into trouble nonetheless.
In chapter 3, Massa uses Clifford Geertz's idea of religion as a cultural system to elucidate the question of Senator Joseph McCarthy's relation to 1950s Catholics.
Varmints might turn your stomach with its graphic imagery of exploding prairie dogs, but it's a balanced treatment, letting its interview subjects either elucidate or hang themselves.
Their growth model led later researchers armed with more powerful tools than those available in the mid-1960s to study silicon crystallization and to elucidate the important role that modifiers have in twinning in that material.
Arthur Victor Tobolsky, American scientist, scholar and teacher, who demonstrated the power of stress relaxation experiments to elucidate chemical changes in rubber networks, and who explored the far reaches of polymer chemistry and physics, particularly polymerization and the equation of state for rubber elasticity.
Specific objectives a) To elucidate the dialogue used in the risk-based supervision.
The partners plan to proceed with research on the newly identified proteins, in particular those that increase in cancer cells, aiming to elucidate a mechanism and develop a method to treat kidney cancer.
This PAR solicits applications from investigators in these different fields to combine these data, reagents and methodologies to elucidate the genetic basis of cell biological events, including embryonic development and organogenesis.
A Markov chain model originally made for vector-borne diseases was used to elucidate the relative importance of different routes within intensive care units.