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It was not a council of war, but, as it were, a council to elucidate certain questions for the Emperor personally.
I have it now before me; and though you could not, of course, peruse it with half the interest that I did, I know you would not be satisfied with an abbreviation of its contents, and you shall have the whole, save, perhaps, a few passages here and there of merely temporary interest to the writer, or such as would serve to encumber the story rather than elucidate it.
asked he, and gave him his hand, "there is much to clear up and elucidate between us, but already methinketh pure clear day is dawning.
They compose an ardent epistle, a declaration in fact, and they carry the letter upstairs themselves, so as to elucidate whatever might appear not perfectly intelligible in the letter.
Rather than focus on the presence or absence of agency and/or resistance within consuming practices, the article elucidates the cultural-political terrain into which consumption as an objectified field of practice is inserted.
The combination elucidates the depth of Audubon's character and scope of his masterwork The Birds of America, which he finally published in all its glory.