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Not deriving much comfort from this elucidation, I pursued the inquiry still further, and found that the Transcendentalists are followers of my friend Mr.
This elucidation of a knotty point being received with such marks of approval as to put John Willet into a good humour, he contented himself with repeating to his son his command of silence, and addressing the stranger, said:
All he could say at the moment in elucidation of this breakdown from his usual placid solemnity was:
The excellent lady delivered this luminous elucidation of her views with an air of greatly obliging her hearers, and greatly distinguishing herself.
Paul's days down to our poor little Artist of the Beautiful, the same talisman had been applied to the elucidation of all mysteries in the words or deeds of men who spoke or acted too wisely or too well.
There was something so piquant and original in these elucidations of humanity, that Mr.
D Research Scholar Tuesday submitted his thesis on 'Bioassay-Guided Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Steroidal Alkaloids from Sarcococca Saligna (D.
The use of zik plasmatis research projects places the highest demands on flexibility, Sensitivity and sample throughput to the device system, Since the following applications are mainly provided: - highly sensitive, Highly reproducible and comprehensive screening of samples from body fluids (eg wound fluid, Blood plasma) or experimental samples with the aim of biomarker screening - analyzes of human tissue samples, Some of which are only available in small quantities, For the elucidation of pathophysiological processes and mechanisms of cold plasma-tissue interaction - absolute quantification of samples for the elucidation of mechanisms and for systembiological approaches in cell culture and animal models.
00 Nottingham SP forecast 7-4 Related to some useful stayers for this yard and went off 66-1 for his debut over 7f at Leicester last September, but ran a cracker in second behind market leader Elucidation.
Kazutoshi MORI for "Discovery and Elucidation of the Unfolded Protein Response"
Modern NMR Approaches to the Structure Elucidation of Natural Products; Volume 1: Instrumentation and Software
In a press statement, he sought government's elucidation of the ongoing dispute over differences with the Iranian side on Al-Durra field.