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3 Examination of CIUR deficiencies regarded in an elucidative collection
describes this relationship in terms suggestive of a personalist aggiornamento of classic Aristotelian eudaemonism, but he fails to expand on it with elucidative distinctions.
Unfortunately, the four primary considerations are not exercises in elucidative legislative drafting.
In a particularly elucidative chapter entitled "Faith Among the Ruins," Jenkins points to similar examples of religious revival across Europe.
Students, with the aid of an elucidative catalyst, a modern Hermes, apply the argumentative strategy to an issue raised by the study of an event and develop both their knowledge and their active abilities as critical thinkers.
This paper attempts to classify the elucidative passages to be found in masques: it shows that these referred both to the signalled fiction and to the material structure of the scenic arrangement.
This proved elucidative, because racial and SES differences in dental clinical status, along with information on postbaseline dental symptoms, did indeed account for a major portion of social disparities in tooth loss, rendering the observed disparities nonstatistically significant in model 2.
However, some of the data are elucidative of the "Orthodox revival" taking place in Sao Paulo.