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3 Examination of CIUR deficiencies regarded in an elucidative collection
This proved elucidative, because racial and SES differences in dental clinical status, along with information on postbaseline dental symptoms, did indeed account for a major portion of social disparities in tooth loss, rendering the observed disparities nonstatistically significant in model 2.
However, some of the data are elucidative of the "Orthodox revival" taking place in Sao Paulo.
A respect for tradition and its history and for exemplary historical persons and events is best appreciated by considering its principal, argumentative uses of the past or historical appeal, that is, the elucidative and evaluative uses.
is perhaps Zizek's most elucidative because he chooses to argue his theory from grounds where he performs best.
Before one attempts to negotiate this textual labyrinth, I highly recommend reading Ken James's substantial and elucidative commentary "Extensions: An Introduction to the Longer Views of Samuel R.
Of those, as stated in this elucidative program, ".
It is, however, volume five that presents the most elucidative and alluring view of the artist in its entirety.
A comparison with the equally famous Harry Mulisch, author of The Assault, would, for that reason, be more appropriate and elucidative.
He was especially elucidative and remarkably objective to the entire satisfaction of the attentive gathering at the AGM when in reply to the queries of the shareholders pertaining to the special projects of the Company, he offered the rationale of Company's plans in the perspective of national and international energy situation.
More elucidative evidence about the frequency of CD in subjects with a diagnosis of HT will be demonstrated with studies conducted with a larger case group.
Originally published by Ticktock Publishing, London, this appealing introduction to Aztec life includes numerous color drawings and photos on every page, brief texts, and elucidative sidebars.