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The practice of phenomenology indicates possible manners for "education" to display itself in its own dissimilar and mode(s) of "self-showing" as it displays in and via elucidative acts of human understanding.
Each example is broken down into an introduction, clearly defined objectives, and elucidative examples of how to teach them.
Nonetheless, an intense investigative effort has still to be carried out in order to gather more consistent sequence data for an elucidative classification of BatCoV DR/2007.
However, the source or mechanism of ROS formation remains elucidative. A number of hypothesis and results have suggested that mitochondria could be one of the major sources of ROS production.
Ellmann suggests interpreting the Tiresias note as "an afterthought, a token placation, say, of the ghost of Bradley, rather than as elucidative of the assumption under which the writing was originally done." Koestenbaum, writing after the publication of The Waste Land manuscripts, cites Pound's marginal note, "make up yr.
On the other hand in writings which tackle the deficiencies of CIUR the respective deficiencies are always discussed as separate pieces not reunited in some elucidative ensembles.
describes this relationship in terms suggestive of a personalist aggiornamento of classic Aristotelian eudaemonism, but he fails to expand on it with elucidative distinctions.
Unfortunately, the four primary considerations are not exercises in elucidative legislative drafting.
In a particularly elucidative chapter entitled "Faith Among the Ruins," Jenkins points to similar examples of religious revival across Europe.
Students, with the aid of an elucidative catalyst, a modern Hermes, apply the argumentative strategy to an issue raised by the study of an event and develop both their knowledge and their active abilities as critical thinkers.