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Rosetta Resolver, Resolver, Elucidator, and Syllego are trademarks of Rosetta Inpharmatics LLC.
The Elucidator system's advanced data management capabilities allow users to effectively organize, search for, and retrieve raw and processed protein expression data.
We are pleased to enable compatibility between the Elucidator system, and our innovative UPLC/MS(E) data acquisition methods and instruments," said Tim Riley, Vice President and Managing Director - Pharmaceutical Business Operations, Waters Division.
We are pleased to provide the Resolver and Elucidator systems for a pilot study to Ben-Gurion University, and to have our product be considered for a National Test Bed program," said Yelena Shevelenko, vice president and general manager of Rosetta Biosoftware.
The Elucidator system will be an important tool for enabling quantitative methods and characterizing cancer proteomes by multidimensional LC-MS/MS," said Yoshiya Oda, Ph.
Its enterprise software solutions, including the Rosetta Resolver and Rosetta Elucidator systems, empower life scientists with advanced, scalable, and easy-to-use analysis platforms that accelerate discovery research.
The subject librarians are regarded as highly skilled coordinators, apologists, and elucidators as well, between the library and academic departments .
and elucidators of legal responsibilities, while still allowing for ad
Second, Barr does not begin with theological doctrines but with life experiences that serve as the animators and elucidators of doctrines.
Armstrong's monumental labours of transcription and annotation (no surprise to hear she was engaged on them for many years) cast a clear light on a text that tends to mock elucidators by looking clear and simple while being knotty and cryptic.
If I, IV, V, tonal center, and instrumental mimesis must serve as referents and elucidators in our look at traditional music--limited as that look is--then serialism and atonality will have to suffice as our selected and representative procedures from the broad palette of twentieth-century compositional resources.