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The Elucidatory Capacity of Examination of Researcher Development's Ontology or Quiddity
As well as offering at a elucidatory exploration of intertextuality (memorably those intertexts 'cunningly disguised', 'often partially digested and displaced' (p.
too obvious to the percipient reader to spend further elucidatory words thereon" p.
If White is right in arguing that the image of life that a coherent historical narrative provides is illusory, then my elucidatory commentaries contribute to that illusion, using historical explanations to compensate for the random records of Todd's memoirs.
The last will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes with elucidatory notes, to which are added some chapters describing the political and religious ideas of the testator.
Following the data indicating that the trend amongst the large investors is to move over to foreign currency trading, a decision was taken at Etoro to set out upon a broad elucidatory campaign, in order to enlighten the public all over the world as to how to follow to footsteps of the large investors and to trade in foreign currency.
His brother, Sir William, if we may venture to judge from his profound and mysterious elucidatory comments on ordination and marriage, may be joined in this sacred office.
The elucidatory reading of German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1954) presents a more insidious threat to his reception than the doctrinal account, contends Read (philosophy, U.
These unassimilated linguistic forms the canny Fitz-Omar did not translate, but merely transliterated--not always consistently from edition to edition either, and often with pretty capricious support in his supposedly elucidatory footnotes.
Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes: with elucidatory notes to which are added some chapters describing the political and religious ideas of the testator.