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1935 to Elude LEO[end (1)[end strikethrough] strikethrough] [begin [begin Strikethrough]Leaving strikethrough]316.
was lodged in the Lane County Jail on charges of felony attempt to elude, misdemeanor attempt to elude on foot and reckless driving, police said.
New Delhi: Gold continued to elude India but the country's weightlifters added three silver and a bronze medal to their tally on the second day of the 20th Women's and 27th Men's Asian Junior Championships in Bishkek, Krygyzstan.
And in one such building is Elude, with its plush interior of deep red tones, chandeliers, ornate mirrors and big comfortable sofas and chairs, with the original warehouse pillars dotted in between - a warm environment in stark contrast to the cold and foreboding scene outside.
Summary: Volatility was sparked by the US employment report; but a true trend revival contintues to elude the greenback.
Ordinary galaxies seem to be made of about 10 percent ordinary matter--the kind that forms stars that shine--and 90 percent dark matter, an invisible substance whose nature still eludes astronomers.
A Cottage Grove man with felony warrants and driving a stolen pickup was arrested Saturday evening by Oregon State Police after attempting to elude troopers along Highway 26 in Grant County, police said.
To prove the crime of Fleeing to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer, the State must prove the following three elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
Trying to care for Shirley, avoid the police, and elude pursuing gypsies proves to be a daunting task for Johnnie, but he perseveres to the bittersweet ending.
Silence, being greater than the human psyche, cannot be compressed within our intellectual categories; it will always elude us.
Such a society continues to elude America because Americans--black and white--profit from racial contention, he writes.