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The Nightstalker eluded detectives despite facing a huge range of police tactics, from surveillance to the offer of a pounds 40,000 reward.
Roger Federer will be aiming to clinch the one major tennis title that has eluded him when he faces Robin Soderling in the French Open final.
A reliable, long-lasting vaccine against cholera has eluded medical science.
The hill's far side--across the US border--may promise freedom and wealth, but these are "delayed | embraced | eluded | edited | aborted | adapted | disguised | resisted | imposed," in the words by which the artist characterizes modernity in Mexico.
From tracing the development of these lice, researchers in Germany have determined that humans first started to wear clothes about 72,000 years ago--a date that had eluded archaeologists due to the perishability of animal skins and fabrics.
The local fire department advised that because of Officer Horner's willingness to put his life in danger, all of the residents of the apartment building eluded the fire and reached safety.
That is a goal that has eluded humankind from its beginning.
While it is still clear that coffee is somewhat responsible for elevated blood levels of homocysteine, all of the compounds within it that contribute to this have eluded researchers.
Though a household name for decades, this famously private man has so successfully eluded journalists and biographers that to this day no one can say for sure where he lives.
THROUGH THE CENTURIES, THE INCAN HOLY place of Machu Picchu has eluded Spanish conquistadores, survived mountain storms and narrowly escaped damage from raging wild fires.
Homeownership, long an integral part of the American dream, has eluded too many African Americans for too long.
While she eluded the embraces of Balanchine the lover, Farrell never failed to embrace wholeheartedly all he stood for as an artist, and nothing of her greatness has eluded Anne Belle and Deborah Dickson.