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BEIRUT: Army Intelligence cordoned off a hospital in east Lebanon Friday after a fugitive eluded soldiers and entered the building.
Watt said: "It'll be very tough up there at Brora but I have a special reason for trying to help Cove win the League Cup as it's a medal that has always eluded me."
When I ask him what he wants for Christmas he replies just the supporters club badges that have so far eluded him!
John Paul understood the power of media in a way that eluded Benedict
Roger Federer will be aiming to clinch the one major tennis title that has eluded him when he faces Robin Soderling in the French Open final.
New Jersey resident Jay Vaughan Gregory Jr., 48, accused of robbing banks in Utah and Montana, might have eluded police had he not updated his profile on a gay chat room:
This generosity pays off, for in general the work shown is of higher quality, too: much will be familiar to readers of the AR, and quite a lot testifies to the international appeal of the blobby stuff done at the AA at the moment, but there is also evidence that young architects everywhere--I estimate the average age here at around 45--are finally developing a coherent new language for good ordinary buildings, the one goal that has too often eluded Modernism since the 1970s.
A reliable, long-lasting vaccine against cholera has eluded medical science.
The hill's far side--across the US border--may promise freedom and wealth, but these are "delayed | embraced | eluded | edited | aborted | adapted | disguised | resisted | imposed," in the words by which the artist characterizes modernity in Mexico.
From tracing the development of these lice, researchers in Germany have determined that humans first started to wear clothes about 72,000 years ago--a date that had eluded archaeologists due to the perishability of animal skins and fabrics.
That is a goal that has eluded humankind from its beginning.
The local fire department advised that because of Officer Horner's willingness to put his life in danger, all of the residents of the apartment building eluded the fire and reached safety.