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ISLAMABAD -- Chairman of Hurriyat forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday said justice continued to elude the family of Wamiq Farooq killed by Indian police in Srinagar in 2010.
Nigeria's former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, on Sunday, assured Nigerians that the country would be prosperous in 2019, only if they did not allow peace to elude them as countrymen.
On the verge of trial Wednesday for his third attempt to elude police in a car chase, 36-year-old Richard William Molnar pleaded guilty in Lane County Circuit Court.
Like traditional barns, espigueiros combine nobility and practicality--and they have a timeless quality that eludes contemporary builders.
Nevertheless, the necessary tone of cosmic--and comic--desperation eludes the author, by the fifth party I was ready to go home and watch Jay Leno.
Ordinary galaxies seem to be made of about 10 percent ordinary matter--the kind that forms stars that shine--and 90 percent dark matter, an invisible substance whose nature still eludes astronomers.
That Jimi, a black man, was viewed an iconoclastic rock god by established white music legends and white fans during his career hut seemed to escape similar deification by black audiences (even in death) is a perplexing modern irony that almost eludes any sensible explanation.
Zemankova eludes easy categorization: The mother of an acclaimed Czech artist (Bohumil Zemanek) who provided her with quality materials, she was nevertheless self-taught; influenced indirectly by local folk traditions, she did not belong to them; and finally, although she lacked any kind of intentional engagement with art history, her oeuvre exemplifies the type of unself-conscious artistic practice that the Surrealists systematically mined in the service of their codified notion of "pure psychic automatism." To dismiss this roomful of drawings by Zemankova as yet another example of "outsider" novelty is to miss the quiet but profound challenge they pose.
As for her own goals on the court, even if a top ten ranking eludes her, Johnson, who sees players like Garrison-Jackson as role models, says she's still fulfilling a dream just by playing professionally.
Today, it seems natural to me to question the necess ity of such questioning; to show that in order to respond to these questions, it may be enough not to answer." While Closky himself eludes all response, he does pose a question to whoever happens on the project he conceived in 1997 for the Dia Center for the Arts' website: "Do you want love or lust?"--which, like his wallpaper, extends the vacuousness of the rhetoric of women's magazines to infinity.
The picture of gp120 also helps explain how the AIDS virus eludes the body's defences.
Simultaneously terse and prolix, they are replete with provocative juxtapositions the ultimate significance of which eludes one's grasp.