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Some theorists have suggested the missing galaxies elude observation because they're rife with dark matter yet all but devoid of ordinary star-forming matter.
UCLA's Tyler Ebell (2) eludes Arizona's Carlos Williams (92) and Darrell Brooks (6) on his way to a first-quarter touchdown.
Like traditional barns, espigueiros combine nobility and practicality--and they have a timeless quality that eludes contemporary builders.
Nevertheless, the necessary tone of cosmic--and comic--desperation eludes the author, by the fifth party I was ready to go home and watch Jay Leno.
That Jimi, a black man, was viewed an iconoclastic rock god by established white music legends and white fans during his career hut seemed to escape similar deification by black audiences (even in death) is a perplexing modern irony that almost eludes any sensible explanation.
PHOTO A man driving erratically eludes police and federal agents in hot in pursuit during a wild chase through Valley streets Monday.
Eventually, he eludes that notorious low-flying cropduster and, in the film's classic climax, rescues Eva Marie Saint on Mount Rushmore.
2) UCLA's Cade McNown, who passed for a career-high 395 yards, eludes ASU's Derek Smith.
In the case of this novel, Evita not only manages to elude the machinations of the military officers who longed to dispose of her corpse, but also eludes the imagination of Martinez.