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Predictably, this same, elusively poised affirmation of substantial significance and effect characterizes Cranmer's position in his Oxford disputation regarding the issue underlying figuration -- the status and function of the words, as such, of institution.
elusively echoing phonemes, whirlpool syllabubbles--
The one disappointment has been the game's connection to an Internet arena which, for the moment, has proved elusively difficult to configure and complete.
Although extra time stayed elusively out of reach, there was no denying the impact they had made on the world's most famous Cup competition.
Like the "mysterious and migratory jewelry" described in "The Terrorists" as possessing a will of its own, beyond the control of either Korb, his wife, or his wife's bourgeois family, the feminine proves elusively and disruptively indeterminate.
There are also the more elusively subjective barriers.
Her ease in making and taking pictures, using and manipulating not only the camera but the entire apparatus of photographic technology and history, relates, if elusively, to the deadpan humor and irreverence she frequently deploys and that so often seems to be directed against the traditions and potentials of the very medium in which she has exhibited such a keen interest.
Then, in a hectic finale, Warren ran elusively to get a try converted by Thomas to tie the scores.
More elusively, it seems to me that many contemporary artists aspire to the condition of fashion designers.
Matt Pepper is the third-rate Hamlet in search of a new script, an elusively cunning dandy doubling as a spy.