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The efficacy of the image to summon "signs of the will of God" depended on "the subject being kept elusively absent in the act of imagining" (47).
While such regulation may be in the "public interest," however elusively defined, conventional public choice theory predicts that the American political system is likely to under-regulate given the political influence of "Big Tobacco" (2) and "The Food Industry.
As they peer into the thick bush looking for a tiny little brown bird elusively known as the LBJ (little brown jobby), they often catch the flick of a leopardas tail, or the twitch of a lionas ear.
Yet, by elusively stimulating our imagination, the two-headed eagles of reciprocal influence and double consciousness may still cloud that which occasionally seems clear, while transforming obscurity into something markedly more radiant.
Elusively complex, ever aiming at a diversity of ends, Jacobitism has, not surprisingly, engendered a concomitantly tangled historiography--one that by extension highlights and illuminates the often contentious phenomenon known as "Britishness.
An elusively captivating scent, the fragrance uplifts and relaxes your mood while respecting the most delicate chemical and fragrance sensitivities.
The precise physics of Professor Higgs's work is elusively difficult for any lay person.
Every time we look at them, there seems to be something elusively new in them," said Nour Nodi, a Bangladeshi working for a local firm.
The piece by Merle Williams explores the pervasive, and seemingly irremediable, woundedness of a South fractured by the Civil War, as William Faulkner unfolds his elusively multilayered narrative in Absalom, Absalom
And the confrontation with nature in King Lear, kept always before us but, ever more elusively, by the repetition of the word "nature" itself: "Is there any cause in nature that makes these hard hearts?
For Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the dream remained elusively out of reach.
The ball was swiftly recycled and moved along the line for Sam Smith to run elusively before being hauled down just short of the line.