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As we shall discuss presently, in Rosen's most interesting, even-handed, and temperate critique of Strauss, presented as the fourth chapter of Rosen's book, The Elusiveness of the Ordinary, the features of Rosen's various points of critique all derive from the same principle: Rosen's distortion of Strauss on the issue of opinion.
Riccardo Iannello's Don Jose, overwhelmed by his passions and wornout by Carmen's elusiveness, takes his anger out on others.
We long for a unified self, yet for modernists it is also imperative that any system of knowing also acknowledge an elusiveness or a possible elusiveness of the categorical nature of subjectivity.
But I think he can beat Klitschko when they reschedule it due to his KO power and elusiveness.
Pearls, which are rare, signify the elusiveness and importance of good business relationships, Slack said, while the color green is a nod to the sustainability movement.
Thursday's Celebrity Recital was Lewis at his most characteristic, with a first half where two of Mozart's most inward works framed Ligeti's slightly eccentric but always engaging Musica ricercata, at times Debussyan in their elusiveness, elsewhere Bartokian in their driving energy.
While this seems an admirable notion, the notorious elusiveness of the ideas at the heart of it is brought out clearly in these pages.
Forward Colin Mulvey provides spark with his elusiveness.
We underestimate neither the remoteness of the terrain nor the elusiveness of al-Qaeda targets; the new camps in Pakistan are believed to be mobile, unlike the fixed installations in Afghanistan.
Tagged 'The Magician' by adoring Argentina fans, Hernandez has played most of his rugby at full-back where his speed, elusiveness and strength make him devastating when bursting into the line.
She provides a brilliant instance of this elusiveness by interpreting their rigorous penitentials as hope-filled guides to spirituality.
Both had lightness and sweetness in Act I, elusiveness in Act II, and the elegant warmth necessary for Act III.