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The elutriator is really important to our research.
An enclosed elutriator for processing marine mammal scats.
The heterogeneous mixture is then sent to an air elutriator where the lighter nylon fibers (overhead stream) are separated from the heavier backing components (bottom stream).
The overflow stream flows vertically upwards through the elutriator column.
Cores were immediately returned to the main campus of Auburn University where they were stored at 4 C until washed by the floatation method (Bohm, 1979), using a hydraulic root elutriator.
One was called a separator and the other an elutriator.
Tenders are invited for supply of Area air sampler (low volume),Vertical Elutriator ,Vibration Mete,Air Velocity meter,Non-ionising radiation (UV,IR,electromagnetic
The elutriator removed short streamers, and the remaining dust content (below 500 microns) was in the range of 80 to 100 ppm.
Stationary measurements of airborne cotton dust were performed with a vertical elutriator (General Metalworks Corp.
Roots were separated from soil using a hydropneumatic root elutriator (Smucker et al.
These subsamples were washed on a root elutriator (Gillison hydropneumatic elutriation system, Model No.