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the architectural form of the edifice effaces itself more and more, and allows the geometrical form, like the bony structure of an emaciated invalid, to become prominent.
As he danced among his naked fellow savages, the firelight gleaming against his great, rolling muscles, the personification of physical perfection and strength, the woman who loved him lay thin and emaciated in the last coma that precedes death by thirst and starvation.
As to the other horse, when he did the necropsy, he could find no other medical condition that could account for the emaciated condition of the horse.
Q My daughter's ballet teacher recently asked her to gain ten pounds, saying she looked weak and emaciated.
He was given two years' probation and 240 hours community service after admitting keeping 19 dogs, 14 goats and two rabbits in an emaciated state at his cottage at Bo'ness, West Lothian.
Indeed, the figure, its abstractness freshened by its elongation, like a "theoretical" (and no doubt theatrical) reprise of the emaciated bodies of the Holocaust victims, became doubly intense.
When USPCA officers went there they found four of the horses had already succumbed to starvation while others were so emaciated their ribs could be seen.
ANIMAL welfare officers last night pleaded for information after an emaciated dog was discovered wandering in woods at a mid-Wales beauty spot.
When an emaciated Mosley weighed in the day before the fight, insiders were worried about his health.
Gradually, he stops eating, becomes emaciated and dies.
The singer, 26, went to a Harley Street clinic in London to boost her chest to a 32D ahead of her Strictly Come Dancing appearance after years of drug abuse left her emaciated.
The other two dogs, a sheep dog and a crossbred sheepdog were alive but in an emaciated condition.