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the architectural form of the edifice effaces itself more and more, and allows the geometrical form, like the bony structure of an emaciated invalid, to become prominent.
His limbs were nearly frozen, and his body dreadfully emaciated by fatigue and suffering.
Saxon went in and interviewed the shopkeeper, an emaciated, shrewd-eyed and middle-aged woman of foreign extraction.
At that moment, the sound was repeated; and one of the glass doors slowly opening, disclosed a pale and emaciated figure in soiled and worn apparel, standing erect in the press.
Neither was it a poor caravan drawn by a single donkey or emaciated horse, for a pair of horses in pretty good condition were released from the shafts and grazing on the frouzy grass.
Cruelty cases last year included: || A Rottweiler found in an emaciated condition while kept in a filthy environment.
The emaciated and ill-treated animals have been callously dumped at a beauty spot which is popular with tourists and locals alike.
The images are horrible: Night after night on the network news, morning after morning on newspaper front pages, the emaciated victims of famine in Somalia stare dully into the camera lenses.
Any clinical differences between MRDM and Type I diabetes, she says, arise from the patients' emaciated state.
Lota was emaciated, suffering for the advance stages of tuberculosis.
In 1948, the year in which Sartre wrote "The Search for the Absolute," his catalogue essay for Giacometti's first exhibition since abandoning Surrealism (or rather, since Surrealism's abandoning him), the sculptor had transformed his work into the emaciated bronze sheaths that fill the upper galleries at MOMA and that speak to what is thought of as his Existentialist project.
There were twelve emaciated men stretched out on the simple mats which covered most of the cement floor.