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In present study, animals were found weak, lethargic, pale mucus membrane, dullness, rough body coat, depression and emaciation Haematological profile revealed that sheep suffering from haemonchosis had low haemoglobin and TEC indicating severe anaemia due to loss of blood caused by blood sucking activity of Heamonchus parasite (Kadam et al.
Daniel's emaciation, like that of a famine victim, was "unprecedented", a judge said.
The body of Jesus carries the ravages of death, the emaciation of torture.
But how could they have taken their eyes off of the superb acting and miraculous transformation -- of gender and emaciation -- turned in by Jared Leto in "Dallas Buyers Club''?
RSPCA staff said a dog which arrived at their centre was suffering from the worst case of emaciation they had ever seen.
Talking of the symptoms of drug abuse, Dr Khan said that parents can recognise their addict children by noting symptoms including deep body emaciation, strong loss of appetite, strong nervous
The medical evidence given during the case, the judge said, showed that Daniel's emaciation was regarded by experts as "unprecedented" in Britain.
Doctors at the hospital said the child had nearly suffocated due to a lack of oxygen in the car and also suffered from dehydration and emaciation and was semi-conscious.
High rise of body temperature, anorexia, dyspnea, haemoglobinurea, emaciation, pale mucous membrane, jaundice, constipation and recumbency were the main clinical signs in both sheep and goats.
His family then heard nothing for months, finding out later that Hekmati had been in solitary confinement, had gone on a hunger strike and had required emergency medical treatment for emaciation.
Seal populations are subject to enormous fluctuations for various reasons of which disease and emaciation are the most notorious causes for mass mortalities.