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The exchange between combinatorics and metaphysics is an excellent illustration of this double movement: did not Ibn Sina give, on the basis of his ontological and cosmogonical conceptions, a formulation of the doctrine of the emanation from the One?
According to Bock-Raming, the beginning of Chandogya-upanisad 6 (he probably means 6, 2) inspired the fourfold system of emanation.
For those who do not replace the Qur'anic Creator paradigm with a doctrine of emanation, the word God will always have a denotation of the Creator.
They submit to pitiless and detailed criticisms various understandings of creation and emanation, but Netton's insights and overambitious project do not seem to do sufficient justice to his difficult topic.
En revanche, le grand perdant est le Forum national islamique (sunnite), emanation des Freres musulmans, qui comptait sept deputes: aucun de ses 8 candidats n'a ete elu et cinq d'entre eux, dont son president Abdellatif Echeikh, sont en ballottage au prochain tour du scrutin, qui aura lieu samedi.
The dead soulless matter of the corpse is devoid of chromatic emanation.
This is the third emanation of a book that the poet and linguist Adam Makkai has been writing, digesting, and rewriting since 1990.
Scalia's structural argument reflects the actual constitutional structure, not some fanciful emanation.
It is an entrance into our secretive worlds, "an emanation of the darkness itself, one that might or might not take on human shape.
In the sixteenth century, the rabbis of Safed argued that the creation of the universe took place through an emanation of divine light that was, simultaneously, an act of divine speech.
The other critical temptation is to assert that the work, grounded in the realities of violence, the Middle East, and geopolitics, is an emanation of the really real, where authority and authenticity are taken for granted.
The tailings impoundment currently is covered with water, which prevents radon emanation and the tailings from being blown into the community.