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Many of us are caught in Act II, Scene 1, and this arrest becomes a whole new way of life that now unconsciously holds us in a new emanational embrace regardless of how conscious, rational, and calculating we believe we have become.
Walker alludes to the striking similarities between al-Sijistani's emanational theory and that of the Longer Version, and in particular to the concepts of the divine will or the Logos which both compositions have in common, and which are not to be found in the Enneads or in the Shorter Version of the Theology.
His philosophical monism expressed in the term wahda al-wujud (the Unity of Being) transforms the emanational ideas of Islamic Neo-Platonism into an extraordinary system of aspects and relationships, generated by the lines of force inherent in the Ninety-Nine most Beautiful Names of God, vehicles of His power and being, names such as al-Rahman (The Merciful), al-Hayy (The Living), al-Qayyum (The Self-Subsistent or The Eternal) and al-Muhaymin (The Guardian).