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Ezra of Gerone describes the first stages in the emanative process, namely the emergence of the sefirot from their hidden mode of existence to a more manifest state, that which is connected to the creation of the world, as the uprooting of the trees small as 'horns of the locusts' from their original locus and their transplantation into the Garden of Eden, plausibly a symbol for the sefirah of Hokhmah.
In another discussion, Jones claims that for Leibniz "[t]he world conserves the ability to cause future effect" (263), and yet offers no philosophical discussion about what Leibniz might have meant by this--one would expect a discussion about emanative causation, for instance.
Nature is at the lowest level in this emanative process; as Pierre Hadot writes, it is definitely the lowest part of Reality, in fact an 'invisible corporeal power wrapped in visible corporeal forms'.