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117) The LSLI Council called for this mode of judicial emancipation to provide an easy, low-cost means to fully emancipate a minor.
The book is a manifesto of what he calls "Emancipatory Spirituality"; at its best it might really emancipate.
It's a festival of transgression where porn meets love, Satan plays with puppets, women emancipate themselves through violence and rage, Godzilla spits fire over the hates of hell and even more.
THE COVER OF THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO announces "the end of business as usual" This book is a rebel yell and an attempt to emancipate the "guy in the gray suit," who now wears khaki pants but remains a slave to the old ways.
Delay in the regularization of the AHB employees service was a matter of grave concern, she said adding authorities concerned should took the notice of the issue and emancipate them of hanging sword.
For many youth who emancipate or age out of the foster care system when they turn 18, homelessness and incarceration, not higher education, are often the alternatives, say child welfare experts.
An enthusiastically recommended addition to academic and community library Native American Studies and American Biography reference collections, "Chief Marin" is a vividly written, informative biography of a remarkable man and his epic struggle to emancipate his people from the Spanish colonial system in an ultimately doomed effort to preserve his people's aboriginal lifestyle.