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Ranciere is critical of this logic of emancipation because in this mode of thinking, "the ones to be emancipated remain dependent upon the 'truth' or 'knowledge' revealed to them by the emancipator," and thus it creates "a fundamental dependency" (p.
The editors' introductory essay charts the myriad trajectories and appropriations of Lincoln, the least audible of which, they argue, was Lincoln's role as emancipator.
The government published full- page advertisement hailing CM Narendra Modi as the emancipator of the state's Muslims.
Notable graduates of this program include Steven Emancipator, MD; Grace Yang, MD; and myself.
The lesson is especially difficult to grasp when the white American in question is Abraham Lincoln, beloved President and Great Emancipator, but also a politician who protected the rights of slaveholders, publicly espoused racist rhetoric, and advocated the separation of blacks from whites through various colonizationist schemes.
The Great Emancipator believed slavery would die a natural death but rebellion came instead.
Two prominent ways Lincoln is remembered are as the Great Emancipator and as a rugged frontiersman who was a self-made man, but these perceptions are contested.
This homage is not simply Lincoln as an emancipator but Lincoln as a nonfeminized, distant viewing, sloppy but effective leader.
Oh, he used Lincoln's Bible to swear the bungled oath of office, and rode into town along the railroad route the Great Emancipator had taken.
Cardinal George Mundelein of Chicago identified the Great Emancipator as a closet Catholic.
Even though I acknowledge the emancipator nature of these modes, I show myself in tension with them in terms of their fit with my own geographies and topographies.