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The reflection proposed by this article in essay form is guided by a key question: to what extent can health surveillance be emancipatory and what are the limitations and challenges it faces in modern times?
Only by unpacking its conflation with 'law and order' will they realize its emancipatory power.
It would, however, be more suitable at postgraduate and faculty level for the purposes of familiarizing oneself with the emancipatory approach and its application to the issue of irregular migration policy.
Madiha's struggles are multiple, an internal struggle within the Communist Party to secure health editorial space for al-Midan, permanent confrontation with the security authorities and the greater challenge of creating an emancipatory publication under severe financial and professional strain.
Determine the number of responses for each characteristic (comprehension, emancipatory, empowering, multidimensional, transformative, and validating) of culturally responsive pedagogy.
This short chapter discusses how West Berlin radicals found in the Cuban Revolution a legitimate form of emancipatory nationalism as well as promising guerrilla tactics that they tried to adapt to their northern urban setting.
Communicative knowledge is tied into culture and other individuals, while emancipatory knowledge is the result of reflection, meta-awareness and self-actualization and is tied into power, for understanding oneself leads to understanding others and increased awareness of the subtle manipulation others are attempting.
In particular, in light of the desire to align progressive and emancipatory action with the knowledge created by research on prostitution, the place of reflexivity and activism in research is problematised as praxis rather than intellectual license for deploying an oppressive subjectivity.
An emancipatory dimension that "opens new perspectives when vulnerability has become violation.
We propose a citizens' income which would transform social security from a compensatory system into an emancipatory system, one that trusts people to make their own decisions, and does not stigmatize them.
In the title under review, Bingham and Biesta show how Ranciere's thought sheds light on various dynamics of power and oppression in (the name of) education and how Ranciere's logic of emancipation enables us to interrogate the existing approaches to anti-oppressive and emancipatory pedagogies.
This English translation, now simply Anti-Capitalism and bearing a decidedly forward-looking subtitle ("The new generation of emancipatory movements"), comes on the heels of German, Japanese, and Korean translations published in the intervening years.