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Schussler Fiorenza has long advocated a rhetorical approach to biblical scholarship that takes into consideration multiple emancipatory aims; that examines various intersecting kinds of oppression based on class, race, gender, culture, and religious affiliation.
By exploring liberalism as a discourse -- an open-ended, polyvalent, and heterogenous assemblage of statements, rather than ideology -- a set of values, statements and practices fixed or unified by the interests of the ruling class, Sale strives to establish the emancipatory potential of liberalism.
Like Lopez, Newfield finds emancipatory possibilities in Emerson's thought, but generally in those extravagant aspects that Emerson has failed to repress or sublimate thoroughly.
It seemed, especially in an impoverished urban setting, to have lost its emancipatory power.
Part III presents cases representative of the "incremental" and "emancipatory" conceptions of women's suffrage, and shows how the emancipatory interpretation made a surprise appearance in the Supreme Court's opinion in Adkins v.
It is a perspective that argues that emancipatory groups have too often settled for too little one that regards the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment as a gain for the women's movement, as its defeat brought renewed effort instead of false satisfaction.
As a result, we are confronted to a paradox, which has yet to be adequately addressed in the literature, whereby we concurrently strive to actualize the emancipatory potential of our knowledge without, in so doing, speaking on the behalf of a voiceless and invisible other.
Throughout decades of poetic passion he managed to refashion the colloquial Arabic of the Sudanese town and chant it back at its speakers enriched with emancipatory themes.
Twenty-four chapters are divided into seven sections: history, politics, and economics; constructing identities; language and schooling; transforming epistemologies; emancipatory pedagogies; Latino immigrant youth; and community, resistance, and activism.
When the Arab Spring first blazed, cautious voices said it was too early to declare this a emancipatory moment in the history of the Middle East.
The Practice of Prophetic Imagination: Preaching an Emancipatory Word By Walter Brueggemann.
A problem with providing appropriate emancipatory sexual healthcare for disabled people, including adults, is that they are more likely than others to live in institutions.