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While men could emasculate ("emasculating tyranny of the studio boss," 20 July, 1988), descriptions of the "female castrator" were far more prevalent: "the frigid, castrating, ball-breaking female partner" (20 November, 1999); the "frigid, castrating WASP matron" (20 December, 1986); and "feminism in the late seventies .
After reportedly threatening to harm the boy and emasculate him, the Syrian surrendered to the man's threats and engaged with him in a form of sexual activity.
Duterte's attempt to emasculate the judiciary, which had the power to strike down as unconstitutional any of his orders.
You would see a major break in convention with senior generals directly and publicly challenging Corbyn over vital important policy decisions such as Trident, pulling out of Nato and any plans to emasculate and shrink the size of the armed forces.
It may be that Mr Cameron doesn't plan to emasculate the NHS if he win power.
My ex did her best to emasculate me - in every sense.
Having seemingly made up for their fight over Richard's attempts to emasculate Michael, they blew up again when the camp Canadian mocked Michael's claims he was psychic.
In the end, Ursa does not follow the example of the woman on the plantation and emasculate Mutt, nor does she emulate her Great Gram and bite Mutt's penis enough to break the skin.
The desire to emasculate the perceived power of the trade unions in order to break the post war social contract and establish a world where untrammelled capitalism could do what it liked laid the foundations for the appalling economic situation we find ourselves in today.
Akhtar Jan said that arrest and abduction of BNP workers can not emasculate the Baloch National Movement.
The EU continues to sneak through, by the back door, increasing numbers of measures that will emasculate and eventually destroy the roles and functions of the government of the UK.
While Mr Pipe has played the system (the exclusion of The Persuader) and done nothing illegal, he has, unwittingly, fuelled the crusade of the RSPCA in their relentless quest to emasculate the sport.