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Comparatively, half the search results employed emasculate and its derivatives in a metaphoric sense, again often attacking the power structures of religion and the military (e.
No result can be measured as occurring at a specific moment of time, and to try to limit magic in such a manner is ultimately to emasculate your workings.
Tragically, while the revelations of Elizabeth Bentley, Whittaker Chambers, Igor Gouzenko, Luis Budenz, Hede Massing, Nathaniel Weyl, Anatoliy Golitsyn, and other important defectors have stirred public outrage, the media and the ruling elites in both the Democrat and Republican Parties have always managed to contain, delay, emasculate, and sabotage investigation and prosecution of those exposed for treason at the highest echelons of the U.
If this is not bad enough Sky TV will undoubtedly emasculate the fixture list further by rescheduling Saturday afternoon home matches to a Sunday or a Monday evening.
Writing in his column in the Financial Times, Blatter says: "For wealthy clubs to try to emasculate the international game by seizing control of a national football association - as I read that some fear they are trying to do in England - is unacceptable.
But some reformist MPs have expressed profound scepticism over this movement, called "new religious thinking", saying its aim is to remove or emasculate Khatami.
Baryshnikov shows us that exquisiteness does not emasculate the danseur--on the contrary, it strengthens as it purifies him
But he also warned against environmental damage and excessive consumerism which would widen the rich-poor gap, cause alienation and emasculate local cultures.
The NBA echoed the same sentiments in its resolution, which "condemns all the efforts to eradicate and emasculate affirmative action in the state of California and throughout the country.
The point is not simply to emasculate these figures; rather, Samuel uses the male body to demonstrate the harsh modifications to which women routinely submit.
Akhtar Jan said that arrest and abduction of BNP workers can not emasculate the Baloch National Movement.