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Positive qualities and capabilities such as power, ambition, independence, and honesty were subject to emasculating terms, undermining traditionally male-dominated fields: e.
Moreover, focusing on the figure of the black male sexual predator coupled with that of the emasculating black matriarch distracts attention from the entrenchment of racialized conceptions of citizenship that justified economic inequality.
They did, moreover, succeed in emasculating the NHS over that time - but.
So she must commandeer the wheel of taxicabs that pick her up, and she must be a top sexually, a division of labor that takes an emasculating toll on Toninho.
According to Rykwert, architecture is not simply an expression of society, it represents more profound and potentially sinister political and economic aspirations, which inevitably change, often emasculating the original ideals.
It was Moynihan who proposed turning unemployed black men into cannon fodder for the Vietnam War to teach them how to be proper men, away from the reach of a supposedly emasculating black matriarchy--and oh, by the way, meeting the troop needs of the first big escalation of the war.
And if clothes maketh the man, that might explain why Sam Troughton, clad in a variety of emasculating skirts in the first half, starts out as a rather weedy Brutus.
Somehow I've been caricatured as this emasculating wife," she tells Newsweek.
That crafty social observer Karl Marx would have seen right through this little hygienic invention for what it really is: an emasculating blow aimed directly at the very symbol of the workingman and -woman.
But after emasculating Becher's and The Chair, the great race can surely stand no more poncing about.
As a result, black female ag ency is presented as emasculating to black men.
Done up dowdy in baggy cop-wear, DeGeneres is a smirky, emasculating version of police chief Marge in Fargo.