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Positive qualities and capabilities such as power, ambition, independence, and honesty were subject to emasculating terms, undermining traditionally male-dominated fields: e.
Moreover, focusing on the figure of the black male sexual predator coupled with that of the emasculating black matriarch distracts attention from the entrenchment of racialized conceptions of citizenship that justified economic inequality.
However, there were several flowers open on each marked branch, so the reduction in geitonogamy from emasculating only one flower was probably minor.
In Garson's reading, the putative heroine, Grace, not only combines with Felice Charmond to destroy Giles but also masters her father and seems at the novel's end to be in the process of emasculating her husband, driving him from the house and forcing him to give up tobacco and, more ominously, his esoteric studies.
He won the ensuing battle by emasculating Anu with his teeth, but was soon alarmed to discover that Anu 's two children were growing inside him.
Tom was a heart-throb, a man-of-the-moment and a top candidate for Bond right up until we all had our eyes seared by those emasculating pics of him in an I Heart TS t-shirt.
And if clothes maketh the man, that might explain why Sam Troughton, clad in a variety of emasculating skirts in the first half, starts out as a rather weedy Brutus.
That crafty social observer Karl Marx would have seen right through this little hygienic invention for what it really is: an emasculating blow aimed directly at the very symbol of the workingman and -woman.
But after emasculating Becher's and The Chair, the great race can surely stand no more poncing about.
As a result, black female ag ency is presented as emasculating to black men.
Done up dowdy in baggy cop-wear, DeGeneres is a smirky, emasculating version of police chief Marge in Fargo.