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After the bristles were excised, emasculation was done when the first anther had just emerged and before the pollen sacs had burst.
And those threats were always seen in profoundly gendered terms, as emasculation, with the female body as merely t he means by which hopefully virile bodies would be reproduced.
With his disciplined troops in bow ties and fedoras, Farrakhan spoke to the collective emasculation felt by black men while hinting at what could happen if that rage was harnessed into something organized.
We investigated whether early season browsing affects the fitness cost of self-pollination in the obligately outcrossing species scarlet gilia, Ipomopsis aggregata, using clipping and emasculation treatments.
Men tried to suppress fears of emasculation when denied public roles in their country's political life or else took a manly pride in being allowed into the inner sanctum of their state's national-security bureaucracy.
THE Igbo Youth Forum, on Wednesday, warned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to stop its emasculation game and release the Chairman of Innoson Motors, Mr Innocent Chukwuma, who was arrested and being investigated by the Capital and Insurance Fraud Unit of the commission's Lagos office.
This virtual emasculation, this debilitation is almost on par with being locked up in a cage-so very humiliating in a macho culture.
But far from earning admiration for its increasingly lonely stand against emasculation and defeat, the honourable company has faced the full force of the modern world, well practised in its shock and awe tactics of outrage and legal action.
The themes of emasculation and women's rights are present and correct, but it's also a sign of our dumbeddown times that the makers thought it necessary to spell out the meaning of the title.
Those law interpretations centred around the scrum, where Moseley were whistled to the point of emasculation and the breakdown, where they appeared no more ill-disciplined than their opponents.
She compares the representation of male and female heroic characters through various theatrical systems including role assignment, use of props, linguistic and para-linguistic systems, plot development, and vocal style; explores the way that costumes gendered and sexualized characters in ways that are not generally recognized; discusses the issues of gender difference/androgyny and gender hierarchy/equality raised by the model heroines of the yangbanxi; assesses the extent to which changes were made to the conventions of ballet in the model ballets in order to promote gender-egalitarianism and to avoid the expression of eroticism; and considers "evidence of the feminisation, emasculation and queering of the counter-revolution" in the presentation of the villains of the yangbanxi.
A phallus operates as a myth of invulnerability, not a penis always subject to emasculation (56).