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One can further argue that he attacks and threatens to kill her because he projects onto her and, ultimately, wants to destroy what he sees as his own weakness, his own sense of social and political helplessness, dependency, and, in a word, emasculation - all socially gendered as feminine.
When a viridis plant is used as a female parent and a nonviridis plant as the male parent without emasculation, the viridis character is absent in any resulting hybrids.
'The masses who are bearing the brunt of the economic hardship that the advent of the emasculation of major private sector players, especially those from the South East are obviously not enthused by such acts of impunity that further knocks the economy into the ground, while strengthening the belief that the people of the South East are not considered as First Class citizens of Nigeria, but a conquered people.
Emasculation and pollination were completed at 1000 h, before natural pollen shed occurs in the greenhouse.
Thus, Edgar Wideman's distance not merely from John but also the entire family is part of a larger history of emasculation. The father must exaggerate his self-reliance and emotional independence in order to claim his manhood and his human dignity.
They were knowingly embarking on the emasculation of the most successful pension system in the world."
All are ideal platforms for ambitious politicians to say what they would do if in power, for police chiefs to defend their present emasculation, and for the illusion to be created that something positive is being done.
The 1890s, the decade that Nathaniel Dodson, Owen's father, established himself in New York, marked the dismantling of the economic and political power which blacks had amassed during Reconstruction and culminated in the legal emasculation of the black male.
Clare already has a recognisable table but in a scene of utter emasculation I can't seem to get mine up.
For African-American males, whose history is filled with centuries of debasing emasculation, it would be uncomfortable to see - let alone accept - a brother who chooses to spread his cheeks for another (possibly white) man.
The dominance of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, spiralling costs, technology's marching emasculation of the skills of the driver.