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The fear of emasculation finally drives Jacob Levy to the self-destructive reprisal at the novel's denouement.
For single-flower emasculations, [s.sub.0] = a + g, and [s.sub.1] = g.
Using selfing rates for intact flowers ([s.sub.0] = [a.sub.0] + [w.sub.0] + [b.sub.0] + [r.sub.0]) and flowers from whole-branch emasculations ([s.sub.2] = [b.sub.2] + [r.sub.2]), it follows that
Data are arcsin transformed Source df SS F P Model 3 0.141 1.29 0.292 Site 1 0.377 3.51 0.068 Emasculation 1 0.014 0.13 0.719 Site x Emasculation 1 0.019 0.18 0.672 Error 40 4.296 TABLE 2.
We began emasculation at the upper part of a branch of the panicle and emasculated one branch at a time.
Handling the florets during emasculation warmed the florets and stigmas reached the feathery appearance that characterized the receptive stage a few minutes after emasculation.