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Tall and "handsome," Levy not only belies the expectation of a "greasy little kike with those eyes they've got," but, for Smithers, who cannot "get over that pan of his" (19), embodies an iconic manliness, and thus, hope for manhood in a war of various emasculations (9-10).
Levy's thematizing of castration centralizes the fear of emasculation and establishes male anxiety as a lens by which to read Gellhorn's novel.
Treatment Parameter (n) Intact Single-flower emasculations, 1994 No.
Comparing intact and emasculated flowers open on the same plant on the same day will underestimate autogamy, because emasculation of one flower potentially reduces the geitonogamous pollen received by the other.
Magnifying glasses were worn when making emasculations.
Handling the florets during emasculation warmed the florets and stigmas reached the feathery appearance that characterized the receptive stage a few minutes after emasculation.