embark upon

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00) tells of a young man already worn by the brutalities of life, until a stranger persuades him to reveal his troubles and embark upon new discoveries.
But Republicans said the announcement leaves little doubt Marin is about to embark upon a statewide campaign.
Mikkola's lecture, "The Past Doesn't Necessarily Predict Future Success," will detail his vision of the path casting suppliers must embark upon in the 21st century.
This spring, Columbia will embark upon a project to overhaul and create new faculty space at the Law School.
Huber's Chemical Division will embark upon a global expansion program to support its strategic initiatives in rubber, toothpaste and paper.
E[acute accent]"We are very pleased to be working with Trenwith Securities, as we embark upon an aggressive expansion program to acquire additional aircraft and engines.
They must embark upon a magical adventure to restore balance to both worlds and regain control over their destines, in this imaginative and enjoyable novel recommended for fantasy lovers of all ages and backgrounds.
Initiated by the signature image of the phallus as battering ram, readers embark upon an epic journey through which Komunyakaa evokes the heretical power of the word.
Howley, founder of an organization called Athletics Instead of Depression & Sickness, left Los Angeles on April 6 to embark upon a cross-country trek billed as the first solo triathlon across the United States.
It is sufficiently difficult and adventurous for a developer to embark upon a new project when the market is soft.
Over the next few months we will embark upon additional strategic initiatives that should enhance long-term shareholder value.
With the help of a parrot named Sunflower, these two children embark upon an informative and inspiring adventure that will engage the rapt attention and enthusiasm of children ages 2 to 7.