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In 2012, the port of Tampa had 487,000 embarkations in 2012, which totals to about 974,000 passenger movements in Tampa.
It will allow departing passengers to check in at the station of embarkation.
Some of the cruise industry's economic impact growth in California can be attributed to the tremendous growth in passenger embarkations, which is primarily the result of increased capacity to the Mexico West cruise market, as well as an increase in the number of three- and four-day cruises offered, addressing cruise consumers' desire for short getaways and additional options.
1 million embarkations and accounted for 60 percent of all U.
Port embarkations in 2006: Miami (1,893,000); Port Canaveral (1,298,000); Port Everglades (1,289,000); Tampa (367,000); Jacksonville (130,000).
cruise embarkations, boarded their cruises from one of California's four cruise ports -- Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.
residents were cruise passengers in 2007, accounting for 75 percent of all cruisers -- Passenger embarkations at U.
cruise embarkations in 2005, Florida's five cruise ports lead the country in cruise operations, according to a recent International Council of Cruise Lines market study.
BREA noted that while growth in embarkations was not as robust in 2005, global spending on a per passenger basis rose from $1,553 in 2004 to $1,667 in 2005, up 7.
United's new direct route from Chicago to Maui-Kona supports our Hawai'i deployment, especially as we introduce new Maui embarkations for Pride of Aloha and Pride of America," Veitch added.
The Spanish Homeland Security office (Guardia Civil) initiated the SIVE system to control the growing flow of illegal maritime embarkations -- especially small embarkations around the coasts of Cadiz and Malaga, which can be hard to detect.