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Monseigneur, I believe you will find nowhere so much zeal and intelligence, so much real bravery, as in Raoul; but if he failed to arrange your embarkation, you would only meet the fate that you deserve.
I have not recorded the fidelity with which my warm- hearted little friend followed me to the place of embarkation when I sailed for Central America, or the noisy transport of joy with which he received me when we next met in London.
Last year was also a record year for passengers starting their cruises at UK ports with embarkations topping the 1m passenger mark for the first time.
In this year it is the second declaration of additional cruise traffic planned for the Port of Tampa, which ranked seventh in embarkations among U.
CruiseBritain reports that initial estimates of cruise embarkations for 2012 show a rise of 17 per cent year-on-year.
The bridges will be used for 90% of passenger embarkations and disembarkations, as only those passengers travelling on small planes will use vehicles to reach their planes.