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In response to this challenge, the middle school teachers at Onekama School embarked upon a three-part Service Learning activity to help our students see that one of the greatest gifts of our town is the wealth of history, experience, and knowledge within the people surrounding us.
After almost a half-century without a significant private sector, or any citizen organizations, the Hungarians were hungry to learn what had succeeded-and failed-so that they could take advantage of that experience as they embarked upon their own efforts.
It was the hardest physical endeavor I've ever embarked upon,'' Baer said.
see March 1999, page 39), recently embarked upon a five-year construction project in Tivoli, New York, that will transform a large arena (formerly used for horseback riding) into a 500-seat theater.
FireOne Group also announced that as a consequence of the anticipated significant negative impact on its business and results of operations, it has embarked upon a restructuring of its operations and cost base.
Twisted Tour'' chronicles a monthlong national tour embarked upon by Rose and ``his menagerie of misfits'' as the chipper, incongruously clean- cut narrator cheerfully refers to the circus.
The purchaser, a venture development investor headquartered in Martinville, NJ, has already embarked upon a major renovation program designed to upgrade the project's infrastructure.
McNamara noted that the Company had embarked upon a new era, stating that "the warm response of the shareholders to the new identity and modernized corporate governance scheme of the Company provides management with the requisite feedback that will reinvigorate us in our focus upon expanding our corporate communications and entertainment businesses on behalf of our shareholders.
In the early 1980s, when he first tested HIV-positive, Howley embarked upon a self-destructive lifestyle, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, drinking heavily and becoming addicted to cocaine.
The task that appraisers are embarked upon is to make appraisals a more market sensitive process incorporating market research techniques into discounted cash flow," said Lynford, whose 12-year organization examines trends throughout the country.
had previously embarked upon a substantial financial reorganization.
It has embarked upon an industrial policy designed to diversify the economy away from over-dependence on the oil sector by developing light industry and, with the increased prosperity of the country, services industries.