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Why does Stephanie not attend to her existing properties before embarking on a new venture, or has she "written off" Ruthin from her expanding business portfolio?
One destroyer, capable of operating two CH-124A or B Heltas Sea Kings; three frigates, each capable of embarking one Heltas Sea King; and one replenishment ship, HMCS Preserver (510), able to carry three Heltas Sea Kings.
Thus, for us, this is not like embarking on disciplines that have never previously been given much thought.
Little did he realize when he embarked on that journey that he was embarking too on a career that would span over 30 years and a variety of positions through which he would come to make a lasting impression on the field of environmental health science.
Through a witty analysis of a graduate student joke about a thesis-writing rabbit, she offers valuable suggestions to students embarking on their doctoral journeys.
The National Federation of Anglers has 100 qualified coaches, who will be embarking on the 28-date roadshow during July and August.
But while other athletes and artists have the chance to go to college, she explained, "dancers don't necessarily have that option, because by 18 they are embarking on their professional careers.
I'm not complimented (by that term), because I think a legend involves the past, and I'd like to think that, with my stroke, I'm now embarking on a new career.
Two events of significance for me," she tells us, "occurred as I was embarking on the period covered by this book.
BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on business performance management (BPM) solutions is embarking on an educational campaign to help end users understand Performance Management 2.
have been fortunate to sing in so of these beautiful buildings the years through my work on of Praise but the idea of embarking on my biggest cathedral ever fills me with so much excitement and joy.
bh and inquire about the legality of each company embarking on real estate investment projects.