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Superbly written and thoroughly accessible from beginning to end, enhanced with extensive chapter notes, a bibliography (including suggestions for further study), and an extensive index, Touched By The Extraordinary is informed and informative reading strongly recommended for dedicated students of Metphysical Studies, as well as those non-specialist general readers embarking upon their own quest for a better understanding and an improved coping with severe illness and end-of-life issues that we all must face within the compass of our own life journey.
Commissioned by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Scarano Architects, PLLC, is embarking upon its third assignment in the rehabilitation of one of Brooklyn's largest housing projects Ingersoll Whitman Houses, a 35-building development with approximately 4,500 units, situated between Myrtle and Park avenues in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, announces Robert Scarano, founder and principal of the architecture firm.
An absorbing travelogue, the next most vivid thing to embarking upon a Klondike gold rush recreation oneself.
Byron Thorn is a young man who doesn't really consider himself a hero, but because there is a new star in the heavens invoking the legend of "Silverlance", he finds himself embarking upon quest resulting in a series of unexpected adventures, complete with somehwhat unusual allies and committed enemies.
Fickeria elaborated on many things building must consider when embarking upon a construction project, such as whether a budget is realistic from a cash flow and capitalization standpoint.
We are excited with our new web presence and it's just the first-phase of a multi-phase web development we are embarking upon," said Kevin Clark, the CEO of Critter Control.
is embarking upon an unprecedented survey initiative designed to establish benchmarks for employer benefit plans based upon size, industry, and region.
We look forward to embarking upon this close strategic partnership with LTI," said Al Hutcheson, President and CEO Dantel, Inc.