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They shouldn't be held back from the best moments of life because of their condition, which they think won't allow them to embark on adventures like healthy people.
Carol Lewis is the author of Little Lumpy's Book of Blessings and will embark upon divinity studies at Yale University in the fall of 2002.
Odyssey," for Calvin Big Boy Davis, resonates with Homeric implications - extended travel resulting in catholic experiences and the possibility of heroic stature - but Davis's odyssey embarks upon an innovative variation on the standard theme and approach.
Whereas poor boys from labouring families in agricultural communities had usually left home to embark on service-in-husbandry in their early teens, the lack of such employment opportunities in and around Braintree meant that they stayed on.
In the second movie, "Stargate: Continuum" the SG-1 team is now free to embark on new and exciting adventures throughout the endless Stargate universe.
When Nim's father embarks on a day of research at sea, she begins an unlikely e-mail communication with an agoraphobic novelist who lives in New York City.
Brittany will proudly represent her community as she embarks on this 20-day exchange program that will take her to England, France, Italy and Greece.
Players take the role of Harry Potter as he arrives at Hogwarts and embarks on a journey to unlock the secrets of his own magical abilities.
These specifications are expected to improve TSMC's IC fabrication techniques, increasing the precision of TSMC's IC manufacturing as the company embarks on new fab construction.
Each "Get Real Girl" character embarks along her own life path, armed with her own DVJ -- the imaginary digital device especially equipped for each character to record and relay details of her own exploration.