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In short, Brown embarks upon an artistic and aesthetic project which fundamentally reconceives black modernity.
Reiterating Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's commitment for normalizing relations with India, the Adviser stated that there had been great hope within the present government of picking up the threads from the Lahore Declaration of 1999 and embarks upon a new phase of Pakistan-India relations.
Trainer Peter Moody has decided to give the horse an easy two months before she embarks upon her date with destiny in the six-furlong Group One on June 23.
And as the Government embarks upon a ruthless austerity programme, more and more people will be out of work and out of hope.
Drama North embarks upon its most ambitious project to date tonight.
(One feels a frisson of discomfort at Blumenfeld's decision not to reveal her true identity.) After an unsuccessful attempt to sneak into a prison in Ashkelon, Blumenfeld embarks upon an intriguing correspondence with the man that leads to a face-to-face encounter in court--the climactic moment that offers the paradoxical "hope" in the book's title.
Boschini's monumental Carta del navegar pitoresco, published in 1660, is a long poem written in Venetian dialect; organized into eight venti, it presents itself as a dialogue between "un Senator venezian deletante, e un profesor de Pitura," in which--as its titular explanation continues--the Venetian ship embarks upon the high seas of Painting to demonstrate its absolute dominance.